Solar pv design


Solar Design Services

  • Comprehensive Solar PV Design Package:
  • Site Maps
  • Site Plans
  • Structural Plans
  • 1-line Electrical Schematic
  • 3-line Electrical Schematic
  • Safety Labeling Diagrams 

Solar Consulting Services

  • Preliminary Site / Shading Analysis
  • String Sizing Calculation
  • System Sizing Calculation
  • Grid Interconnection Consulting
  • Value Engineering

Project Turn-Around Time

Residential: 3 - 5 business days
Commercial: 7 - 10 business days


Our Clients

RDS provides solar PV design and consultation to solar installers, electrical contractors, solar distributors, home builders, architects, property owners and third-party financial institutions.


Our Process

Once RDS receives your work order, we begin by researching the local municipal and utility requirements. We then perform preliminary site analysis, shading analysis, and string sizing calculations to develop an efficient and safe system configuration.

Once the system configuration has been approved by the client, we begin on the comprehensive solar PV design package.

Throughout the process, RDS coordinates with the client, product manufacturer, local inspectors, plan reviewers and the utility to ensure effective communication and rapid turn-around time. 

Our Success

Through superior communication, accelerated project completion and unprecedented client satisfaction, RDS has designed and consulted over 400 megawatts of renewable energy.