North Carolina Portfolio - 176 MW (DC) (in progress)

Location Confidential

Georgia Portfolio - 30 MW (DC) (in progress)

Location Confidential

California Portfolio- 20 MW (DC) (in progress)

Location Confidential

Camp Rock, LLC - 3 MW (DC)

Lucerne Valley, CA 


Residential PV Projects: 

+/- 200 kW (DC) per week – (+/- 10 MW (DC) per year) 


3rd Party Commissioning: 

G.W. Bush Library – 200 KW (DC) – Dallas, TX


Notable Statistics: 

Designed and consulted over 40% of all solar in Iowa (40 MW Portfolio)

Designed and consulted more commercial micro-inverter systems than

any other solar PV design firm.

With 261 MW of combined, utility, commercial, residential and off-grid

experience, RDS has designed and consulted more solar than any other firm in Texas.


Industrial / Agricultural PV Projects:  

Iowa Portfolio - 40 MW (DC)

(40 mW portfolio of pork, turkey and agricultural facilities) Iowa, USA

Strain Ranches - 902 KW (DC)

(Largest Micro-Inverter Project in the World on (1) inter-connection) Arbuckle, CA

Artois Feed - 534.24 KW (DC)

(Largest Enphase M250 Project in the World) Arbuckle, CA / Artois, CA

El Camino Irrigation District - 356.40 KW (DC)

Gerber, CA

Dan Best Ranches – 561.74 KW (DC)

(Founding family of Caterpillar, Inc) Woodland, CA

Tadlock Farms – 150.185 KW (DC)

Zamora, CA

Joe Muller & Sons Farms – 102.0 KW (DC)

Woodland, CA

Crown Nursery – 171.0 KW (DC)

Red Bluff, CA

Smith Ranches – 175.0 KW (DC)

Woodland, CA

Whyler Company – 302.40 KW (DC)

Glenn, CA

C F Koehnen and Sons, Inc. – 102.45 KW (DC)

Glenn, CA

Oakdale Cheese & Specialties. – 68.20 KW (DC)

Oakdale, CA

Da Silva Dairy Farms – 700.60 KW (DC)

Escalon, CA 


Off-grid / Battery Back-up / Micro-grid PV Projects: 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s private island


GT Bank / Eco Bank


Confidential development of bi-directional inverter, battery storage systems with grid responsive technology. 634 KW (DC) PV Micro-grid project with 1.75 MW of capstone turbines

(St. Croix, USVI) 


Energy Storage / Demand Response / Frequency Control Projects: 

Confidential development of bi-directional inverter, battery storage systems with grid responsive technology. 


San Diego, CA

Primus Power

Rancho Cucamonga , CA 


Non-Profit / Community Service PV Projects: 

Habitat for Humanity

Denton, TX

The Brookwood Community

(Educational facility for adults with disabilities and special needs)

Brookshire, TX

Serve Denton

(Non-profit for helping families become self-sufficient) (WFAA Project Green Project Award Winner) Denton, TX 


Hospital / Medical Facility PV Projects: 

Oroville Hospital – 128.0 KW (DC)

Oroville, CA

Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Hospital – 39.0 KW (DC)

Palo Alto, CA 



Commercial PV Projects: 

Intuit Corporate Offices – 1.598 MW (DC)

Tucson, AZ

Worldpack Cold Storage Facility – 690.30 KW (DC)

Gloucester City, NJ

Balanced Body (Distribution Center) – 250.0 KW (DC)

Sacramento, CA

Calendar Club – 247.21 KW (DC)

Austin, TX

Whole Foods (Domain) - 187.38 KW (DC)

Austin, TX

Deutrel Industries - 187.38 KW (DC)

Lancaster , CA

Boonville Natural Gas – 107.73 KW (DC)

Boonville, IN

Ace Hardware (Gridley)– 100.215 KW (DC)

Gridley, CA

Alberici Construction (Headquarters) – 99.84 KW (DC)

St. Louis, MO

Alamo Brewery – 99.50 KW (DC)

San Antonio, TX

Bear Republic Brewery – 114.80 KW (DC)

Cloverdale, CA

Ubiquiti Networks (Headquarters) – 29.95 KW (DC)

San Jose, CA

Green Charge Networks (Headquarters) – 3.0 KW (DC)

San Jose, CA

San Antonio Portfolio – 1.2 MW (DC)
portfolio of storage facilities, gas station canopies, commercial buildings

San Antonio, TX

Dallas Portfolio – 1.4 MW (DC)
(portfolio of solar carports and apartment complexes) 

Dallas, TX

Granite City – 51.0 KW (DC)
(Andres Duany Urban Planning Project)

Granite City, IL 


Government / Institutional PV Projects: 

Quantico Marine Base - 576.24 KW (DC)

Quantico, VA

El Camino Irrigation District - 356.40 KW (DC)

Gerber, CA

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Islais Creek) – 316.51 KW (DC)

San Francisco, CA

San Antonio Children’s Museum – 172.48 KW (DC)

San Antonio, TX

Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Hospital – 39.0 KW (DC)

Palo Alto, CA

Willie Brown Middle School – 140.21 KW (DC)

San Francisco, CA

George Washington Carver Museum and Library - 105.84 KW (DC)

Austin, TX

United States Army Reserve Center – 85.12 KW (DC)

San Marcos, TX

Austin Bergstrom Airport – 74.88 KW (DC)

Austin, TX

Cochiti Facility – US Army Core of Engineers – 65.34 KW (DC)

Chociti Lake, NM

U.S. Navy – Naval Facilities Engineering Command – 33.0 KW(DC)

Portsmouth, VA

Los Angeles City College – 20.40 KW (DC)

Los Angeles, CA

University of California (Irvine) – 55.0 KW (DC)

Irvine, CA

Chicago Botanical Gardens – 23.20 KW (DC)

Chicago, IL

San Antonio Botanical Gardens – 30.0 KW (DC)

San Antonio, TX

Hanscom Air Force Base – 6.0 KW (DC)

Bedford, MA

Beverly Train Station – 60.0 KW (DC)

Beverly, MA 


Religious PV Projects: 


Dharma Realm Buddhist Association – 510.40 KW (DC)

(World’s first Medium Voltage Micro-Inverter system in the World)

Ukiah, CA

Beth Israel Synagogue – 189.0 KW (DC)

San Diego, CA

Duncan Memorial Church – 112.20 KW (DC)

Ashland, VA